A Commercial Seal Coating Slurry Will Save Your Toronto Parking Lot

Commercial use seal coating by way of a slurry sealing pavement mixture is the best way for Toronto business owners to extend the life of their parking lots and driveways.
Safety is of paramount concern to all business owners, so maintaining an asphalt parking lot that is free of cracks, divots, and potholes because is a sure way to prevent injury on thoroughfares, driveways and parking lots.
In addition to safety, seal coating improves the overall appearance of your company. Destructive elements that damage the surface of your pavement can become an eyesore that may deter potential clients. By maintaining the appearance of your commercial property, customers will be attracted to your business and feel comfortable parking in your lot.
Commercial grade seal coating provides a jet-black, non-skid protective surface that only a slurry sealing can provide for your Toronto business.
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Sealcoating– What is it?

Like any part of your property, your parking lot needs maintenance to keep it in the best condition and extend its life. Your lot is constantly beat down with frequent traffic and the brutal winters of the GTA, leaving it in need of repairs. Sealcoating is one of the steps you can take to defend your lot and increase durability.


A sealcoat is a mixture that is applied as a protective barrier for the surface of parking lots and roadways. It prevents damages caused by fluctuations in temperature, the weather, exposure to chemicals, salt, water, and even ultraviolet rays. This coating preserves the integrity of your pavement as well as improves the appearance of your property, giving it a renewed and professional look.


Your pavement maintenance contractor may apply the sealcoat with either a squeegee or a spray. At Sure-Seal Pavement, we use proven materials and high-production equipment to achieve the most cost-effective pavement management service for your asphalt parking lot and roadway investment. Every lot is different, and we will tailor our application method to your needs.


Why Sealcoat your Parking Lot?

There are a surplus of reasons why businesses choose to sealcoat their lots:

·     Sealcoating creates a protective layer that is impervious to water, preventing water from seeping in and creating cracks as it freezes and thaws (expanding and contracting)

·     High quality sealants protect your asphalt from oxidation, water infiltration, oil, gas and coolant damage and the harmful effects of the sun.

·     It improves curb appeal, renewing the rich, matte black surface of the asphalt and making it look like new. This clean and professional appearance will catch your customers attention and show how much you care for your property.

·     Sealcoating evens out the surface of your lot, making it easier to maintain in the winter months as well as to clean free of debris.


When Should you Sealcoat Your Lot?

It’s important to know when it’s time to seal your parking lot or roadway. Here are some pointers:

When Was your Asphalt Laid?

The optimal time to sealcoat your property is 12-18 months after your asphalt was paved. This is when deterioration has begun to show on the surface. Depending on how much traffic your lot gets, it’s suggested that the property has a seal coat applied every 3-5 years, renewing the protective layer and preventing costly repairs. This will provide you the highest R.O.I.

Have you Noticed Deterioration?

No matter how well you take care of your parking lot, it’s natural for it to begin to experience wear and tear. Weather, road salt, chemicals and vehicle use all gradually break down the surface of your lot. If you’ve begun to notice discolouration or cracking, it is time to seal your lot. At Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance, our team will evaluate your pavement and determine what the best course of action would be for your individual needs.

So when is the Best Time to Sealcoat?

In order for the surface coating to bond to the asphalt correctly and form the protective barrier you need, it requires time to dry and heat. The warmer temperatures of spring and summer make it the optimal time to apply a surface coating. This will then, in turn, serve as a protection from our brutal GTA winters.


Here at Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance, we only use the best products to protect your asphalt. Poly-Tar is proven to have triple the life of our competitors’ products and provides the protection your lot or roadway needs. Contact us today for a quote!



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